Lafayette Jeff Orchestra

Instructors: Dr. Patrick Murphy, Janet Priest, Margot Marlatt   



Keep Informed!
Parents and students! To better keep everyone informed of details for orchestra, there is a service called Remind. Simply text this message @39e9ed to 81010. You will then receive messages containing information about events and special instructions to parents!

How does Orchestra work?
The main goal in orchestra class is to grow and develop as a musician.  Every day in class we will work on developing our playing technique.  That means we will work through exercises and drills designed to help our technique grow.  Technique refers to your skills needed to play the instrument well.  Students will be expected to take their instruments home and repeat the drills (practice) until they are satisfied with the level of skill.  We will also work on music as an orchestra.  The music is selected to reinforce the drills and exercises.  We will have playing tests on the material covered in class.  Each of these tests is worth a total of 100 points.  You will have 3-5 days to prepare for each playing test.  There will also be concerts.  The concerts are worth 100 points!  Musicianship is the final category for each student’s grade.  Musicianship is bringing instrument and music to class each day and working with a learning attitude.  Musicianship is worth 100 points.  The bottom line is that you will be required to work and try your best.  You might be wondering how much you should practice.  Good question!  The answer is whatever it takes to make the exercises and/or songs sound their BEST!
What do we wear for the concert?  The High School Orchestra performs in formal attire!  The gentlemen will need a tuxedo!  Mr. Penguin will be coming to the class and fitting the guys for their tuxes.  The total cost of the tuxedos is about $125.  Ladies, Mrs. Reinhardt will be sizing you for the full-length black dress.  The cost of the black dress is about $80.  If you have any questions either now or during the school year, do not hesitate to contact me!  My email is [email protected].  My cell phone number is 765-426-5964.  You can either call or text!
If you child needs extra help to succeed, I am available for help either before or after school.  You will need to contact me and set up a time.  There are a number of adults and high school students who are available for weekly private lessons for your child.  These lessons will have a fee of $5-$20 for a half hour lesson.  VERY worth it!

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